How I Can Help You

Life coaching will help to clarify what you want in your life. It will help you to move forward in a positive way. And it will help you to identify and overcome whatever may be getting in your way.

In days gone by, our ancestors would have turned to a village elder or a wise man or woman when they felt they needed guidance. These days, a life coach fulfils a similar role but with the added benefit of our modern day insights into psychology and brain function.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a trusted, qualified professional who works alongside you to support you on your journey. No two sessions are the same but they may involve:

  • Goal-setting and planning
  • Visioning your future life
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Tackling anxiety and stress
  • Support to identify and change limiting beliefs
  • Holding you to account
  • Understanding that you have choice and a voice

You may want to seek the support of a life coach:

  • at times of transition or change
  • when you are faced with making an important decision
  • when you have lost your direction or sense of identity
  • when life feels difficult or challenging
  • when you simply need some support or someone to talk to.

What life coaching is (And what it isn’t)

Life coaching is a way to improve your life and move closer to your hopes and dreams. It is a forward-looking approach that supports and encourages you to become the person you want to be.

It is not counselling. We will not spend a long time delving into your past or going over painful memories, although it may be necessary to touch on some past events in order to understand the present more fully. As your coach I can help you to improve your confidence and self-esteem and grow in the areas of life that matter to you.

Life coaching will not give you the answers. There is no need to, you already have the answers, you just may not realise it yet. It will help you to see more clearly. It will provide direction to help you to achieve your goals. And it will help you to realise your own power.

What to expect

During a life coaching session you will sit comfortably in a quiet room in person, on the phone or internet. I will ask you some questions and provide a space for you to talk and really be heard. I may set you some simple tasks, including some to take away and do at your leisure. I have a whole toolkit of techniques and approaches that I can call on, depending on what I believe may be most effective for you. The session will last an hour.

Initially, life coaching begins with an assessment session to get an overview of the situation you wish to focus on and to see if you feel comfortable working with me. You may be at a transition point in your life and need to clarify your direction. You may want to make minor changes or radically alter your life. A pre-session form will be sent to fill out beforehand.

In the next session, we may look at the situation in more detail and agree a focus for future sessions. You may have a subsequent session looking at your core values to clarify your direction or possibly give clues for any loss of motivation or problems you are experiencing in action, thoughts or feelings.