What Clients Say

In the summer of 2017, I stayed for 5 days with Kate in her beautiful home in Totnes. My initial reason for going to Kate’s was to kick start a diet (5 days of juicing). I wasn’t looking for Life Coaching. However, with gentle persuasion from Kate, she got me to focus on what my life goals were/are. In short, Kate did more than that. She started me on a journey. I’m not a naturally contented person and at 62 years old I came with considerable baggage. Spending 5 days with Kate allowed me space from my busy life of work, adult children and grandchildren. In fact it gave me time to wallow, to reflect, to be inspired. With very little intrusion, Kate guided me in acknowledging all aspects of my life and a template to continue working from on return home. I went for juicing but the whole experience was so holistic. The Life Coaching was very cathartic and has left a positive lasting impression on me. Thank you.

Gaye Stewart

Kate is a fantastic life coach. I went to see her when I was going through my divorce. It was a very difficult time and Kate really helped me to see things from a new perspective. She is a great listener and has endless amazing tools and techniques to identify and work towards goals and develop plans to realise dreams and this helped me to see what is important to me and to focus on living the life I want. I highly recommend Kate for her kind and sensitive guidance.

Katy, Devon

As a scientist and a person who struggles with the feeling side of life, I was fortunate to encounter Kate at a time when my life was at a crossroads. Kate was able to offer me professional and personal encouragement with tailored coaching sessions. Her insight and compassion, coupled with her wisdom and empathy, ensured that our sessions were productive and focused without ever putting me under pressure to achieve. There are tools I learned from her that I use to this day, including how I tune in to my instincts and emotions about a situation, and how to turn those feelings into action. Based on those positive coaching experiences I’ve been able to make big changes in my career path and have the confidence to keep striving to stay on my path.


I found Kate to be a compassionate, astute, life-affirming Life Coach, whose wisdom, knowledge and cheerful countenance always inspire me.

Shirley, Devon

I recommend the self-esteem course which I am currently completing by e-mail and phone. It is a well structured course which encourages you to look retrospectively at your life. The various exercises are designed to make you question where your esteem comes from. It has been emotional because you tend to focus on the negative to find the answers but I am now at a stage where I am starting to focus on the positive which has inspired me to make a big change. I recommend it for anybody who is stuck and needs to know why.

I feel open to new experiences and this helps me feel that my life is going to take a different path. For example, just thinking about having a party which is new for me, has been inspiring. I do intend to make the most of this inspirational mood. I am noticing a marked difference. It’s not just an ‘I can do this’ feeling but a feeling of calm.

Julia (self-esteem client)

Having worked as a Senior Practitioner in the NHS and a mother of young children Kate just seems to understand my world. I find that she is able to respond to my coaching needs (sometimes at short-notice) in an astute and supportive manner. I also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t avoid the difficult stuff.

Sarah, Exeter

I first started seeing Kate 3 months ago for my anxiety problems, and for feeling totally ‘stuck’ in my life, and not knowing how to move forward. On meeting Kate, she had a natural warmth, a genuine empathy towards people, and I have found her an inspiring person to work with. Having worked in the NHS for 12 years, and with some of my anxiety being work related, Kate had a very fluent understanding of the nature of my anxiety, due to her years working in the NHS also. I would say her depth of knowledge, experience and intuition helped me more than anyone else, to really nail my anxiety. Her life coaching skills helped me to know a lot more about myself, to plan the future that I want, and make the most of my life. I have even begun to make plans for starting my own business! I would recommend her, both for her skills in treating anxiety, and as a life coach. It will be a truly invaluable investment into the rest of your life.

Clare, Paignton

I am thouroughly enjoying life coaching with Kate and have found it to be of great benefit in more ways that I had hoped for. Her open, honest, professional approach ensures you feel comfortable and confident to trust her to support you in un-ravelling whatever challenges may arise each week. Kate has given me tools and techniques to use in daily life that enable me to be confident and strong.

Miranda, Totnes

I had life coaching sessions over the phone with Kate a few months after I had given birth to my first baby. Our sessions gave me the time to constructively think out loud. We touched on many things: emotional, physical, practical, big, small. I had many things going around my head niggling at me. It’s really made a big difference to me – thank you.

Ruth, Exeter

I wholeheartedly recommend Kate Harris to you if you’re wondering about Life Coaching. In both her group sessions and 1-1 consultations she’s a warm, highly creative, and joyful person, who brings out the best in others. If you want to develop yourself, love your life, and relate well to others at home and at work, I can’t think of a better person to guide and coach you than Kate. Simply put, she’s a catalyst for caring change.

Kathryn Entwistle, Career Coaching by Phone